Money-making Opportunities For Your Music on Youtube


The music industry has been going through some epic changes over the last decade. And the main culprit has been the internet.

Today, fans can get access to whatever music they want for a few dollars or even for free.

And this has left musicians wondering how to make money off of the music they make.

Enter Youtube.

There are a couple of things you can do on Youtube to build an income stream.

They will only work if you are already consistently uploading videos and building an audience. Once that is going well, you can do the following:

Switch your channel to a money-making machine

Do a quick set-up and once that is done, Youtube will get ads to be shown against your videos. And you get part of the revenue. As simple as that.

Content ID Fingerprinting

Get your music added to a database. This will let Youtube catch anyone or any video using your music so that you can get a share of the revenue.

Get on VEVO

To increase your audience, consider getting on VEVO. You double your visibility and get to be promoted by VEVO to more viewers. They pay better than Youtube too.

Banner Ads

Place banner ads on your videos to sell your stuff….it could be merchandise or concert tickets. And it pretty much costs ‘nothing’


Companies like Cuesongs and Audiosocket are actively looking for songs to license and let YouTubers use at low rates. It gives you some revenue and a larger audience. You can’t say no to that!

Links, links, links

Be sure to add links on your video descriptions to stuff you are selling on other websites. Nice way to add to your revenue huh?


This is an interesting model that gets fans to pledge amounts for rewards that way guaranteeing payment for each video you put up regardless of how many views you get.


Here’s How To Make Money From Your Music


Turning your passion for music into a full-blown career can be challenging.

You will face a lot of resistance and discouragement particularly because of the challenges of making money.

We’ve also got great articles if you want to know how to promote your music or how to become a full time musician.

But it doesn’t have to be so.

There are both traditional and digitally crafted ways to make money from your music.

Here they are:

CD sales

If you are performing as shows and gigs, always be sure to carry some CDs. Price them fairly.

They make great souvenirs for fans especially if you sign them.

Digital Sales

Get an epic website up and sell some of your music there. This would be better than using retailers who would take a cut from the sale. Only use them as an additional channel of distribution but not as the main one. You will make the most money from sales on your website.

Vinyl Sales

During live shows, it is also a good idea to have a small batch printed to sell them and get some extra income.


Streaming is not a HUGE income generator but over time, it is a great supplement. The pays per stream are nothing to write home about but they are great as a growing source of income- working in the background.

Live shows

This is a no-brainer. It is indeed one of the best ways to make some good money. Just be sure to plan it all perfectly and everything else will fit right in. Ticket sales will vary according to the circumstances but they will be a good way to sustain your craft. Just be sure to add in some branded merchandise to top up the revenue.

Digital Merchandise

And speaking about merchandise, you can also sell it online via your website. Just make sure they are branded and well done.


This cannot be underestimated. It has been a great way for musicians to fund albums. If fans are passionate about what you are doing, they will chip in to help you out.

Royalties, royalties, royalties

Sign up with a rights organization so that you can get paid for your sweat. This will include public performance royalties, live performance royalties, mechanical royalties and sync royalties.

Don’t forget to get signed up with SoundExchange to get your digital royalties in check too.

Promoting Your Music on Social Media


Social media is a great tool for musicians in this tech era.

As a musician, you need to take advantage of that.

It pushes the content you have on your website and can really get some much-needed buzz that would be hard and expensive to get via other means.

So here are some tips on how to do it gracefully:

Just be yourself

If you are an awesome and talented musician- which I bet you are, then let that shine through in your social media interactions. Do not be sales-y or beg-gy. Let your personality shine through even if it is goofy. Your audience will appreciate it.


Find ways to genuinely interact with your followers. Make them join you in your creative process or even share in your experiences. Heck, allow fans to be your creatives. It gets them involved in what would otherwise be a producer-consumer relationship.

Do not contain your excitement

It is your work going out there. You are sharing it with the world. The least you can do is be totally excited. As you share your posts, make that shine through. But find the right balance. You don’t want to sound nuts and you certainly don’t want to sound robotic.

Vary your posts

It can’t all be about you and your music even if that is what you would want. You need to be altruistic as well. Promote other artists and their achievements. Share their posts and other important posts related to the music industry.

Use your posts sparingly

Try not to over-post in your accounts. This can drive your followers nuts, bored or both. But don’t be caught silent either. Be active and keep the content engaging and relevant.

With these tips, I hope you will be able to kick some social media butt.


Planning The Switch To Fulltime Musician


Are you thinking of take the big leap? Jumping from school or a boring corporate job to becoming a full-time musician?

Well, congratulations.

You are making a decision that a lot of people out there would not even consider.

But before you jump in, there are a number of things you need to consider.


Think about your monthly expenses. How much of your fixed expenses can you perhaps downgrade and come up with a minimum monthly?

Figure this out because this will determine how much you need to make if you jump ship to full-time musician.

Current income from music

Next step is you sitting down to calculate how much you have made in the past months with your music. Whether it is gigs, or selling music – what have you actually made in the past?

Now do the math

Ok. So this is the most important part of it all. You need to do the math.

Check the amount you have made in the past months with your music. Figure out if things are set to change in the coming months to increase it.

Will you get more gigs? Have you signed a deal to sell more music?

There has to be a new variant that will increase the amount besides just the fact that you will have more time.

Once you are realistic about how much you can make in the coming months, now analyze it side by side with the minimum amount you need per month to cover your expenses.

Will you be making money or using it all up?

The idea is that if you will be able to at least pay all your bills and still have some on top…that can mean that you will be able to sustain yourself and invest some money into the entire venture.

That is good.

Go for it.

But remember to have a leeway for emergency and curve ball costs that life will throw your way. Those could throw you off.

All in all- follow your dream. I wish you the best.